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My story
A collegue of mine triggered my interest in photography. He and his wife were hobby photographers and he advised me to buy a Canon powershot 95 to record the birth of my first son. This was a point-and-shoot, but had the settings of a dslr (Av,Tv and manual mode).

So there I started into the world of photography. Having kids provided me with a subject to photograph, but our cats are also subjects I revert to on a regular basis. As I'm interested in lots of things my photography sometimes gets a little less attention, but it's the one hobby that stuck with me over the years.

Then in 2017 I was asked to photograph a wedding of my niece. I was honored by this vote of confidence in my work. I've documented their whole wedding day and provided them with some lovely memories. 
Wedding pictures.
Some pictures of the wedding I photographed on September 15th 2017.
This creative shot was taken whilst we were going from the car to the venue for the fotoshoot.
During the car ride the couple really got ready together for the big day that was awaiting them. 
This was a creative idea from the car driver. It worked out great! 
The bouquet had to be photographed, aswell as the rings.
During the preparation phase there are also special moments that need to be captured.
The bride was sitting in the livingroom awaiting her groom. With the beautiful light and the nice background it looks like it's shot in a studio.
The couple rented a beautiful Rolls, which of course also should have it's own moment in the spotlight.
During the prparations the bride will of course checks her looks for her husband to be.
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