Gert-Jan Aalderink Photography

A captured moment lasts a lifetime

My gear

Over the years I used different camera's. I've never parted with one yet. So here's an overview of my gear.

Sony Alpha 350

My first DSLR camera was this Sony a350 camera. Before that I used a point-and-shoot camera. I got this camera in 2008. This really got me a long way in the beginning. It was my introduction into apertures, f-stops and depth-of-field. I got it with a 18-70mm kit lens and a low-end Sony TTL flash.

SAL-75300 75-300mm f4.5-5.6

After a number of years the need arose to be able fill the frame more, even when you can't get to close. So in 2009 I got the 75-300mm zoomlens. This really changed a lot. I really enjoy using the lens to capture my kids in their natural habitat without them even knowing.

Sony NEX 7

My second camera wasn't a DSLR, but a mirrorless camera. I got the NEX 7 in 2012 and was surprised how many settings it has and I was really charmed with the two turn knobs on the top of the camera. It became a lot easier to quickly change aperture and shutterspeed. It also was able to record video, which made it even more versatile. 

Sony LA-EA2

Soon after getting the NEX 7, I really felt the need to use my 75-300mm lens on the NEX 7. Unfortunately Sony changed the mount for mirrorless camera's to an e-mount, while the a350 has an a-mount (legacy from the acquired Minolta brand). Luckily there were adapters available. At the time there were 2 flavors. One with autofocus and one without. I chose the one with autofocus transforming the mirrorless camera into a camera with a transparant mirror.

Canon EOS 60D + 

18-135mm iS 

As I grew in my photography the need to try out new things started my desire to dive into the prime lenses. I was already getting more and more frustrated with the way Sony changed their standards. Not only did they change the A mount to the E mount resulting in a limited choice of quite expensive lenses for the A mount. They also changed the pin-out in the hot-shoe. I understand why they did it, because the original Sony hot-shoe was quite different then Canon or Nikon. So a decission had to be made. Continue with Sony or move to a different standard. Well a move it would be. As this would mean to start from scratch again, I couldn't immediately swap out all my gear for comparable gear of the other brand. The Canon EOS 60D with a 18-135mm kit lens was a good start in 2017. It doesn't reach as far as 300mm. But it's a good start into the Canon world. I've also added a Yongnuo 50mm f 1.8 lens to the collection. The first step into the prime lenses.

In the future

That is my gear for now. I'm sure it'll expand in the future, but this is it for now.