Game of Thrones Season 3 Poster

An in-camera recreation

The result

The Idea

Immediately I was captivated by the poster when Game of Thrones season 3 came out and they were visible everywhere. After a while I really would like to recreate this picture. There already was a how-to out there on the Web, but that was recreating the blue effect in Photoshop. I wanted to try to do it in camera. And by the lack of a model I just sat myself in front of the camera.


There were a number of consideration I had to take into account.
  1. In order to get the surrounding area (background) as dark as possible I need to place the lights as close to the model as possible.
  2. I wanted the blue to be restricted to one side and the side that isn't gelled is allowed to wrap a bit around the face. This ment to use a bare speedlight with the blue gel and a speedlight with a reflective umbrella.
  3. By the lack of booms I had to place my lights about as high as the model's face. The original shot has the "white" light comming from above on camera left.
  4. Since I wasn't able to focus while I'm sitting as a model, I've increased the aperture a bit and focused on the speedlight on the stand with the umbrella mount. Since this is the same height and distance as the model's had it should work.